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Shenzhen Anheda Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Produsen kustom
Produk utama: HDPE Sheet/Lembar PP/ABS Lembar/POM Sheet/PA6 Lembar, lembar PP, HDPE batang, POM rod,PU rod,ABS lembar
Full customizationDesign-based customizationGood reputation supplierCompetitive OEM factory

Shenzhen Anheda Plastic Products CO., Ltd, is one of the most professional and largest  semi-finished engineering plastic products manufactures in China since 1994 , it is a comprehensive company that early engaged in R&D, production and distribution of semi-finished engineering plastic , main and competitive goods include PP, HDPE, POM, PC, ABS, PU, PA6, PEI, PPS etc  sheet & rod. we Have more than 100 plastic production lines of import manufacturing equipments, and area of around 20000 square meter, with over 200 empolyees, together with many years’ of experience and customers’ feedback, we have been a leader in plastic industry by constant perfection of our service network, technical level and product camp. Besides AHD have obtained self-determination right of import and export and established various branches all over the country. Our goods have been exported into Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Iran, Russia, Pakistan etc with posititve market feedback.


AHD can satisfy customer’s special requirements, We not only supply standard shapes to our customers, but also custom profiled castings for distributors or end-users anf find out the best solutions for each application.  All you need, we can meet !

Main Products

US$1,00 - US$4,00/Kilogram
100.0 Kilogram(Min. Order)
US$1,60 - US$3,00/Kilogram
500.0 Kilogram(Min. Order)
US$1,95 - US$2,95/Kilogram
100.0 Kilogram(Min. Order)
US$1,50 - US$2,00/Kilogram
100.0 Kilogram(Min. Order)
US$1,35 - US$2,00/Kilogram
100.0 Kilogram(Min. Order)
US$1,50 - US$3,00/Kilogram
100.0 Kilogram(Min. Order)
US$1,00 - US$2,00/Kilogram
100.0 Kilogram(Min. Order)